Dan Goldwasser Showbiz

Just got back from my interview with Hans Zimmer, to talk about The Last Samurai, and other recent films. I haven’t interviewed him in a few years, and the last time I did, it was in a roundtable format. This was in-person, one-on-one, and it went really well. He’s such a nice guy, very friendly and candid. I felt like I could talk with him for hours, if he didn’t have a crunch-meeting going on with the other Media Ventures composers, who are all rushing to get a project done that just landed in their laps this weekend. Also, it turns out that a lot of people have been trying to get an interview with him, but somehow I managed to secure it – seems Warner Bros. has been pushing for it too! Excellent!!

Look for the interview in the coming weeks! Now I just gotta get the Howard Shore one done, and I can breathe a little easier… (But I am not looking forward to the transcription!)