Kidman at Morton's

Dan Showbiz

Tonight the SCL held a screening of The Matrix Revolutions followed by a Q&A with composer Don Davis. As I run his site, I felt it would be fun to go, so I invited Zach along, since he was going to a WGA screening of Revolutions at Warner Bros., and why should we go seperately? It also gave us a chance to catch up on stuff. After the Q&A, a bunch of “selected guests” (including myself) went over to Morton’s for a private reception. Apparently Morton’s is a bit of a chic Hollywood joint – there was another private gathering in the other corner of the room. Who was there? Well… lemme try to remember: Nicole Kidman, Lauren Bacall, Adrien Brody, Philip Kaufman, Michael Keaton (who I didn’t know was there until they left; had I known, I would have gone to talk with him since I interviewed him in 1998!), Chlo