Dan Movie Reviews

Saw Gothika at the Mann Village last night. I really like that theater; it’s so big and spacious, and has a kickass sound system. The film is the latest production by Dark Castle (Robert Zemekis, Joel Silver, etc.), who had done The House on Haunted Hill, 13 Ghosts, and Ghost Ship. Basically, a “Tales from the Crypt” type of deal. This film focuses on criminal psychologist Dr. Miranda Grey (Halle Berry), who awakens from a horrific incident to discover that her husband is dead, and she’s accused of murdering him – and she’s in the looney bin. Ultimately a ghost story about redemption and justice, the film took a few outrageous turns, and the post-ending coda was completely random and ludicrous.

There were a few “scares” in the film, but I never had that overwhelming sense of unease that I had when watching something good, like Dark Water or The Ring. John Ottman’s score helped, certainly, and had a nice cello theme that I look forward to listening to when I get the album. But ultimately, this film is best suited as a rental, if even that.