Holiday Flying

Dan Boston

One of the great things about flying during the holidays is that everyone is so friendly. I’m being completely facetious here, of course. After boarding the plane to Boston, I found myself stuck in the aisle, waiting to get to my seat. Why? Because some knucklehead with a family of 4 decided he was going to try to fit 8 carry-on bags into the same overhead compartment (which was inconveniently 2 rows in front of my seat). Grr. About 7 minutes later, he finally finished, and I got my seat. But we (the people sitting near me) hadn’t seen the last of him.

The same bozo gets up in the middle of the flight to get something out of one of his bags that had been stowed in the overhead compartment. So he pops it open, and starts rummaging around. In the process, one of his smaller bags fell out and landed on the poor lady sitting there. Oblivious to everyone but himself, this bozo kept rummaging. It wasn’t until someone shouted at him that “hey, you should watch it!” that he kinda looked at the poor lady, and shrugged. Not even a “oh, I’m sorry”. Rude. And that wasn’t the end of it….
The film was Pirates of the Caribbean, and since I had been reading for a few hours, I decided to watch the film – it was still a lot of fun, 4th time out, and I can’t say I noticed any editing for length/content. And it ended just as we pulled into the gate.

When getting our stuff out of the overhead compartments, bozo comes back to get his crap. In the process, he almost takes someone’s jacket. And doesn’t even apologize for it. What a jackhole. And then, as we all left, he was partially blocking the aisle with his bags. So it gave everyone (myself included) great pleasure in kicking it and forcibly pushing it out of the way as we went past. Hee hee.

Yeah, it’s chilly here – high 30s. Welcome to late November!