Along Came Polly

Dan Movie Reviews

Tonight I went with Jeff to see Ben Stiller’s latest, Along Came Polly. Written and directed by John Hamburg, who wrote Meet the Parents and Zoolander, the film was a rather touching and funny story about a risk management analyst, Reuben Feffer (Stiller), who finds his bride cheating on him on the first day of their honeymoon. Shattered, he goes back to New York to try to move on, and ends up meeting an old middle-school classmate, Polly Prince (Jennifer Aniston). While Reuben is all organized and scheduled, Polly is carefree and non-committal to everything. Can these two manage to keep it together? Well, I’m not gonna give everything away, but you can kinda see where this is going. Nonetheless, the film had me laughing quite a few times. (And yes, there are even a few shameless body humor jokes.)

Alec Baldwin turns in a nice Jewish New Yorker performance, reminding me of a Saturday Night Live skit character I vaguely recall him performing one time. Aniston is still stuck in “Friends” mode, but at least manages to try a few different things with her character here. Stiller is funny, but this isn’t his 2004 performance; that honor is reserved for Dodgeball. (Just wait and see!)
Oh, and Hank Azaria is hysterical as the French scuba diving homewrecker.

But, in the meantime, since January is typically the “dumping ground”, Along Came Polly is good entertainment considering the rest of the competition. (Torque anyone? Heck, I skipped that screening, and it was free!)