Goldsmith in a Box

Dan Goldwasser Audio Projects

This weekend I hung out with Mike on Friday night, and we watched The Omen after a tasty meal at Outlaws. Saturday I drove all the way up to Sierra Madre to meet Taylor for brunch, then spent the afternoon getting some work done, and working on another PAL to NTSC transfer. Saturday night, hung out with Big Sheb, and we watched Underworld, which was surprisingly entertaining. It’s not a great movie, by any means, but it’s stylized and rather enjoyable – I like the ideas they put forth in the film, and it was certainly a good way to pass the time.

Today I was supposed to meet up with Jim for lunch, but he decided at the last minute to go to Vegas and get outta town. So instead, I met up with Timo and we went to Bossa Nova. Then I spent the rest of the day getting some work done, and continuing to digitize my albums. I’m in “G” now, and realized that Goldsmith is just too big of a section to worry about. So I pulled him out. I put all of my Goldsmith albums in a box, in the corner. In the process, I cleared off some valued floor-space! But, you ask, when will I digitize Goldsmith? When I feel like it. Meanwhile, I am blazing though “G”, while watching television and chatting. A (much needed) relaxing evening, to be sure!