The Butterfly Effect

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

From the television spots, The Butterfly Effect looked like an interesting film, about a guy who can travel through time to change the present – and is trying to fix things for his girlfriend. Turns out, not only is the film nothing like that, it’s actually much better, and much deeper a film. Kurt came by, and we drove to the screening room New Line Cinema, which afforded us a nice opportunity to catch up. The screening started relateively on time, which was good. What transpired on screen for the next 2 hours would be unlike anything I was expecting to see that night.

I guess I would describe the film as a “psychological thriller with sci-fi elements”. At its core, the film examines how someone’s life would change if they did ONE thing differently, years before. How the course of your life could be determined or affected by a seemingly insignificant decision. Such is the case with Evan (Ashton Kutchner), who suffered from blackouts and is trying to piece things together from his childhood, and hopefully save his childhood crush, Kayleigh (Amy Smart). In the process, affects the lives of his friends around him as he manipulates the past by changing small events. Things start to go horribly wrong, though, and he starts to alter the timeline in ways that he didn’t quite forsee. As he travels through different “parallel universes”, Kayleigh keeps getting into worse and worse situations, and Evan keeps trying to figure out what to change to put it all right.

The film was written and directed by the duo (Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber) who wrote Final Destination 2, and if this movie were a book, it’s one hell of a page-turner. I’m gonna do you all a favor and stop talking about the plot here. I think I enjoyed this film as much as I did because I knew so little about it going it – the mystery of not knowing what was going to happen, or where it was all leading, made it really enjoyable. Toss in a rather effective score by newcomer Michael Suby, and this is a movie I can easily recommend that you check out this weekend.