A Lean, Mean, Converting Machine

Dan Goldwasser Video Projects

My JVC Pro DV/S-VHS deck finally arrived today, so I went home during lunch to set it up. The great thing about this dual deck is that it has a built in DAC, which allows for VHS and even live television feeds to be transmitted over the FireWire cable right into the computer for digitizing. I converted over the three projects I did in 1999/2000 for Jon Rosenbaum: “The Pork, The Fork and the Man From New York”, “Got Yer Nose”, and “Shut Eye”. The VHS footage was decent enough to begin with, but I was surprised at how good it looked on this high-end VCR deck. After encoding it and making a quick little menu, the DVD was authored and finished. That’s two-less VHS tapes I need to ever look at again!

Jeb came over, and we started working on the DVD for the commercial we worked on at the end of last year for The Big House Brewery in Albany, NY. Unfortunately, due to an output issue, the interlacing was a bit tweaked – so we need to redo the DVD when Jeb gets me a better version of the source footage.

Afterwards, I digitized Agua Dulce, for the DVD I’ll be doing with Edgar. I trimmed out the film, and the two trailers, and compiled the isolated score. Now we just need the commentaries, menus, and that’ll be that! I also fixed the audio a bit, and normalized it so it would be clearer and more dynamic on DVD from the original miniDV tape.