Blank DVDs

Dan Video Projects

Using my new deck, I digitized two of the three videotapes my grandmother had given me back in November. Totalling about 3 hours of material, it took a little while as you couldn’t control the S-VHS portion of the deck, and as such I had to record them in segments (also cause it’s a little tedious!) and then stitch them together to create two videos: a 2-hour one, and a 1-hour one. I then boosted and cleaned the audio, and encoded the 2-hour one to MPEG-2. I decided to just add chapter stops every 5-minutes, and create a very simple menu that just says “Play”. I need to add audio to the 1-hour tape, since it’s totally silent, and that’s rather boring. Will probably add some generic classical music or something. We’ll see what I can come up with.