Secret Window

Dan Movie Reviews

What is it about Stephen King stories, and their screen adaptations? They’re always hit-or-miss. With Secret Window, though, this one is more or less a hit, but it’s not quite what I had expected.

Before I get into it, though, I gotta say that somehow, my luck before the screening was just miserable. Matt and I got to our seats relatively easily – but it went downhill from there. I accidentally knocked my popcorn over. When I put the straw into the cup, soda squirted out over my jacket. The soda had no syrup – it was soda water. I was laughing pretty hard at this point, since it was just absurd. An idiot of a person sat down next to Matt, by crawling over the seats – and not asking if the seat was taken. (Very rude!!) The idiot sitting next to me almost knocked overy my soda three times. In the end, I had to hold it in my lap.

As for the film…. Secret Window is about a writer (Johnny Depp) who is accused by a mysterious stranger (John Tutturo) of plagirizing a short story – and is out for justice. Ultimately, it’s a psychological thriller, which works pretty well. Like most Stephen King stories, though, there has to be a bit of a twist. I was surprised with the ending – I liked it, and it had a nice “black humor” streak that was unexpected. It’s not quite a “groaner”, but it’s definitely something that made me laugh because it was just so “Awwwwwww!!!!”

Interesting side note: the score was originally supposed to be the big collaboration between composers Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. However, due to schedule issues, it didn’t happen, and composer Phillip Glass did the final score. Which doesn’t sound too much like Glass, overall. But I liked it, and I hope there will be a soundtrack release of some kind.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of a psychological thriller, Secret Window will probably do the trick. Just remember – it is a Stephen King story, so you should know what to expect!