Power Supply Failure

Dan Computers

Ack. I had a nice evening tonight – got together with Howie, Messrob, Matt and Brian. We checked out Matt’s new super-snazzy widescreen television, then got dinner at California Chicken Cafe. After I got home, I was doing some work on my computer – then I heard the fan on my computer make a funny noise, and the computer shut off. I looked over at the box, and noticed smoke coming from the rear!! I quickly yanked out the powercord, and went into panic mode.

Turns out that the power supply fried. According to Jeb, it’s probable that the 550W supply isn’t enough to handle the dual Xeon and devices in my computer. Hmm…. That would have been nice to know sooner!! Thankfully, he has the proper power supply available, and we’ll be fixing it tomorrow. Meanwhile, though, I’m running on my old computer (good thing I went for the dual setup!) and while I have no access to any of my files, at least I can check my email and update my blog to share my story of woe.

Gonna try to go to sleep now; no point in staying up late since my apartment smells a little from the smoke, and I can’t get any of the stuff done that I was working on.