Kindness and Reprecussions

Dan Goldwasser Boston

My seat on the flight was a window seat in an emergency row. That meant that my seat didn’t recline, but at least I could lean against the bulkhead. However, a German lady came up to me and kindly asked if I would trade seats with her so she could sit with her husband, who was sitting next to me. I agreed, since they had been stuck at the airport since 7am, and were trying to get to Chicago (and would have to get on another flight once they arrived in Boston). I then took this new seat – which was a middle seat. The flight felt terribly long: my cold, combined with the inability to get comfortable, made it truly a bad experience. When I arrived in Boston, it was 6:30am. Which really felt like 5:30am, because of Daylight Savings. Which really felt like 2:30 am because of the time-zone change. So, to say the least, I was tired as all hell.

Mom was nice enough to pick me up, and on the drive back, the highway was closed due to some construction – which meant we took 93 North through Boston to Storrow Drive. Except it was entirely underground! Woohoo – I finally drove through the “Big Dig”. Ironic, in the end, that the feeling was “oh, it’s just a tunnel”. But, I wanna thank every taxpayer out there for contributing to my ride. 🙂 Time for a nap!