Careful What You Breathe

Dan Goldwasser Boston

The flight back to Los Angeles was much better than the flight over. I got an aisle seat, and no one in the middle. We left about an hour late, though, due to a paperwork issue and a weight balance issue. Bleh. The in-flight movie was Something’s Gotta Give, and it was pretty enjoyable. I also read “The Demon in the Freezer” by Richard Preston, which might not have been the best book to read, in retrospect, when you’re stuck for six hours in a sealed compartment with 250 people and recycled air! The book is about smallpox and anthrax. Fascinating stuff, although it made me question what I was inhaling in the plane. It was a fast read, and I finished it before we landed.

Jeff picked me up at the airport, and I got home around 10pm (as we had landed late). I have way too much to watch on my TiVo, but I will clear it off this weekend!