Lucy's Veal Meatloaf

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

After being inspired a week or so ago by the supplement on the Once Upon a Time in Mexico DVD entitled “10 Minute Cooking School” (in which director Robert Rodriguez shows you how to cool the Puerco Pibil that Johnny Depp is so fond of in the film), I decided to take it upon myself to get back into a bit of cooking. So, I went to the Kosher butcher down the road, and got some ground veal. I then attempted to create my grandmother’s meatloaf recipie. I had it written down from my college days, and had only made it twice. I plan on making it a lot in the coming months (as per Rodriguez’s suggestion) so that I can nail it down, and be comfortable with it. When I’ve reached that point, I’ll find a new dish to make. And repeat.

The meatloaf didn’t take much time at all to make, about 90 minutes from start to finish. (80 minutes of cooking.) How does it taste, you ask? Pretty good! It’s not quite my grandmother’s flavor, but it’s close! I think it’s just a matter of adding a little more garlic powder and pepper (I wasn’t sure how much, so I skimped a little). But now I have food for a few lunches this week, and will have to try making it again soon!