Dan Movie Reviews

Saw Envy with Jeff tonight. Damn, it’s hot outside! The film looked like it would be a fun romp of sorts with Ben Stiller playing Tim Dingman, the jealous best-friend of Nick Vanderpark (Jack Black). Nick made a fortune with an invention called “Vapoorize” which makes dog poo disappear. He had offered Tim a 50/50 share in the thing, but he passed on it – and now he’s envious.

So, Stiller snaps at his boss and loses his job, gets drunk, and meets a bum called “The J-Man”, played by Christopher Walken. Walken has the best role in the film because, well, he’s playing himself and doing the whole schtick perfectly. Every minute of him being on screen was just great. The film, for the most part, was entertaining. But it wasn’t anything great. I guess I was just hoping for some kind of meaning to it all, but in the end, there was no real character growth, or notable revelation. Kinda disappointing in that regard. But it was fun to watch, and I did laugh quite a bit at the situations and humor.

Directed by Barry Levinson, the film has a score by Mark Mothersbaugh that is made more striking by his great use of a singer giving us insight to what’s happening on screen (kinda like There’s Something About Mary). Is there gonna be a soundtrack release? I dunno, but it’s certainly something I’d be interested in! I am beginning to think that Ben Stiller is starting to suffer from over-exposure… and I know I’ve said it a bunch of times before, but just wait for Dodgeball….