Dodgeball Scoring Session

Dan Showbiz

After trying to work for a few hours today (the network was incredibly flaky), I took the rest of the day off to go over to Fox and sit in on the Dodgeball scoring session. I had talked briefly with composer Teddy Shapiro a few years ago, when he did Girlfight, for a write-up in BMI’s MusicWorld magazine. Since that time, he’s done a lot of stuff, and this year alone has scored 4 films! (Along Came Polly, Starsky and Hutch, 13 Going On 30, and Dodgeball) I will probably get an interview done with him around the time of the film’s release.

It was also great to see Rawson again, and I will probably be building out his website soon, since we wanna have something up by the time the film comes out in June.

The score is pretty cool – it’s a rather large orchestra, and it turns out there’s a good chunk of original music in the film – not too many songs. Sadly, though, some of the more risque moments and lines of dialogue have been cut out of the film. But don’t fear – it will be on the DVD (or so they assure me)!