Dan Movie Reviews

Went to the Arclight with Matt tonight for a screening of what will probably be one of the first big summer blockbusters (sorry Van
!): Troy. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen, the film is loosely inspired by Homer’s “The Iliyad”, and takes a lot from other sources as well. The film is well cast, but mainly in the supporting roles. (Brian Cox, Sean Bean, Peter O’Toole, and newcomer Siri Sveglar as Polydora, most notably.) Diane Kruger is striking as Helen (after all, we have to believe she would be so beautiful as to go to war over!), and Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom all do satisfactory jobs. But it’s not about their acting – it’s the battles.

Using plenty of visual effects to enhance the scope and breadth of the battles, the epic scale is quite immense. Troy is huge and vast, and pairing up 50,000 Greek warriors against the city’s defenses is quite a sight to see. (Make all the comparisons you want with Lord of the Rings, but hey, a big battle is a big battle!) Speaking of LOTR – I was just a little bummed to see that Bloom and Bean had no scenes together. Hehe – ah well! The one-on-one fights were good, and while the acting might have been pushing it just a wee bit, the constant “revenge” staircase just kept escalating – and you never knew who was next. (Well, I did, since I read the script last year, but….

Musically, well…. I would really like to hear Gabriel Yared’s rejected score, just to hear what it was like. I personally enjoyed James Horner’s replacement, even though there were plenty of “Hornerisms”
spattered throughout. His use of two vocalists, sounding much like Lisa Gerrard’s “The Seraphim” (used in Baraka) works exceptionally well, and I can’t wait to check out the soundtrack for a closer listen.

If you have any desire to see this movie, then by all means – go!! But be warned – it’s 163-minutes long, so use the restroom beforehand!