Dinner with BT and Don Davis

Dan Showbiz

Ok, that’s not really the title of this entry. It should be “BMI Film and TV Music Awards”. Or something like that. Tonight was the annual black-tie reception at the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel in Beverly Hills. I got my apple martini taken care of at the start this time (always planning ahead), and checked out the hors d’oveurs as the guests arrived. The usual gang was here: Don Davis, George S. Clinton, John Ottman, Jeff Fair and Starr Parodi (all of whom are my clients). David Newman is looking very slim these days – I almost didn’t recognize him! (Go Dave!) I bumped into Nathan Barr and his lovely wife, Lisbeth Scott (who I had just gotten an email from, regarding the lyrics for The Passion of the Christ). Also bumped into Larry Groupe, Trevor Rabin, Ed Shearmur, Bobby Urband, John M. Keane, Blake Neely, Steve Jablonsky, and others.

This year I got a good table, and was sitting with Steve Bartek, James Venable, Don Davis, BT, and their agent, Laura Engel. Sitting between Don and BT was interesting – Don is a great guy with a dry sense of humor, and we know each other pretty well (I DO run his website). BT, on the other hand, I had only met once before, so it was really interesting to talk with him and learn more about what his background was, and stuff like that. I hope to do an interview with him soon – he’s invited me to his studio, and I’ll definitely check it out! It was also fun to hear Bartek and BT trade stories about going off on tour (Bartek was in Oingo Boingo).

The awards were the same old stuff – people getting awards for music that was either good, or whatever, but the show/movie made money/high ratings. Don got two for the Matrix films, and John Ottman got one for X2. Mark Mothersbaugh was the career achievement winner this year, so that was cool – lots of Devo stuff going on! After the awards, I did talk to him briefly, and found out that he’s married to Anita Greenspan – who I know! (She’s an agent out here, and represents a bunch of composers.) So it shouldn’t be too hard to get an interview with him, too!

Now I just need to get my pix up, write my article, and get going on some interviews for the summer!!