The Day After Tomorrow

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

Where will you be the day after tomorrow? Well, I’ll be at work, since it’s thursday. Duh. Whatever your thoughts are on the global warming thing, The Day After Tomorrow is gonna push your buttons either way. It tries (and fails) to pass off junk science as fact, and combine that with a few well-placed PR campaigns by various environmental groups, and well, you get the idea. In the end, though, this film all boils down to a single premise: Killer weather affects bad relationships.

This is not an action disaster film, such as Independence Day. There are no aerial dogfights, and no drunken Randy Quaid to amuse us. No, this is a “sobering tale of humanity brough together to face natures wrath that has been unleashed due to neglect of the environment”. Or something like that. As fanciful as it is, the junk science was thought provoking and (thankfully) entertaining. (It is, after all a film!) The character relationships, on the other hand, fell into the “typical clich