Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

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Are you ready for the most biased review you’ve ever read on my blog? If not, then turn away. Otherwise, pull up your chair, grab a bag of popcorn, and enjoy.

Went to see Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story with Jeff tonight, over at Fox. It was the cast and crew screening, with the premiere having been last night. Bumped into Larry Elder on the lot; I thought he was there to see Dodgeball – turns out he was there for his own movie. Silly me!!

I hadn’t seen the film since the February rough-cut screening, and was anxious to see how it all shaped up. To my delight, it was pretty damn tight! The jokes are faster, the humor non-stop, the characters fun and loveable, and the dodgeball action sequences exciting in a playful way. Sadly missing were the R-rated sequences, one-liners and adult humor…. but it still works on a mass appeal level. The opening is a tad sluggish, but it moves along pretty quickly after the first 10-minutes… and doesn’t stop until the end! Definitely a laugh-out-loud film, and the audience really had a blast with it. I just hope the rest of the country feels the same!

Rawson should be (and is) very proud of this film. I’m sure it’ll make a crapload of money at the box office, beating out the rather dissapointing Spielberg flick, The Terminal. I’m going to the “Friends and Family” screening thursday night at the Arclight, and I’m looking forward to it!