Why United Sucks

Dan Boston

So I flew to Boston last night. And this is why United Airlines sucks. First off, the extra room that American Airlines had by removing rows was apparently possible because they crammed those removed rows onto United Airlines planes. That’s right, this was the most cramped flight I’ve ever been on in recent memory. When the guy in front of me reclined his chair, I had to perform ungodly contortions just to get out to use the restroom. They don’t serve a meal. Nosiree – just a packet of “Snack Mix” and a drink. Course, this was a red-eye flight so the only chance for a meal would have been breakfast – but it was too early for that. Maybe that’s not a real valid complaint. What IS a valid complaint is that my headphone jack was broken, so I couldn’t watch television or anything. (Granted, the film was Win a Date with Tad Hamilton so it’s not like I missed too much…) Then after the film (I read a script instead) half of the televisions in the cabin seemed to die. So there were only three working televisions, starting with my row and back. Lovely.

Due to the cramped nature of the flight, I didn’t get to sleep at all. And so, when the flight landed at 6:20am EST (3:20am PST), I was super-tired. A nap at home took care of that, and now I’m refreshed and ready for the day (which is half over)!