Kelly's in the Fog

Dan Boston

Liz and Josh picked me up around noon, and we headed over to Sam’s to pick him and Sharon up. We had a huge thunderstorm last night, and the weather was rainy and foggy. Driving up to the North Shore (“Noath Shoah”) we passed the “Charleston Chew” factory! Yay!

We got up to Revere Beach, which was pretty surreal with the fog on the Atlantic Ocean – I’ll put my pix up when I get back to Los Angeles. Lunch was fried clams and scallops at Kelly’s Roast Beef, a Massachusetts “landmark”. (I hear their roast beef is good, too!) There are no seats, so we fended off the seagulls to enjoy our feast. Afterwards, we walked up the shortline a bit, since we needed to do anything possible to burn of some of that meal!

From there, we went back to Somerville and got dessert in Davis Square. Then Sam and Sharon went off to Harvard Square, and Josh and Liz took me back home. Now I have a little bit of time to digest before the next round: catered meal at grandma’s!