A Non-Traditional Wedding

Dan Goldwasser Boston

It was basically a Jewish ceremony, with some obscure and unconventional moments thrown in. Most notably, the reciting of the vows over ham radio. Overall it was pretty cool! The chupah was made from a quilt where the patchwork came from pieces of cloth that the guests signed when they RSVPd, and the center square was a piece of my late grandfather’s tallis bag. There was also a square from a tablecloth my great-grandmother (who lived to be 101.5) had embroidered.

The food was as non-kosher as it gets: a pork ribs and chicken BBQ! It was really good stuff, though, and the cake was excellent – white chocolate mousse in the middle between two white cake layers, and buttercream frosting!

Afterwards, we all headed over to my sister’s to play more cards with the cousins – it was definitely a lot of fun, but now I’m tired and need to get to bed. Gotta do my laundry tomorrow, then it’s back to LA! (And we’ll see if America West is better than United!)