Why America West Sucks

Dan Goldwasser Boston

Seriously, this is getting absurd. American Airlines seems to be the only airline I can fly to Boston where there isn’t some problem. America West has almost no presence at Logan International Airport. They have two gates, shoved at the end of Terminal B. As such, you need to get through their own special security line to enter the gate area. There are no bathrooms at the gate area. The security line takes a damn long time, since they keep giving priority to pilots and people leaving for San Francisco. I’m eventually stopped at the front of the line for 20 minutes as pilots and SF passengers go by me. I notice a few of the passengers have Los Angeles tickets. Bastards. Rude bastards.

And since the gate area was tiny, it was crowded. And people were taking up seats for their luggage. For their luggage!! Inconsiderate. Rude. Bastards. Once on the plane, things were fine. Except I had forgotten to pack my headphones in my carry-on, so I couldn’t watch 50 First Dates. No loss, really. I just read (from start to finish) “The Case for Israel” by Alan Dershowitz. Excellent reading. Oh. And there was no meal service on the flight. So when I got home at 10pm (since the flight left late – bastards!!), I was ravenous. And I had no food.

And that is why America West and United suck.