Crimewave (cancelled)

Dan Goldwasser Video Projects

Argh. What a collosal waste of time.

– 1 Japanese Laserdisc of Crimewave. Full frame, English, with burned-in Japanese subtitles
– 1 German PAL DVD of Crimewave. Full frame, German, no subtitles.

Goal: Convert the PAL video track to NTSC, and add on the English language track from the Japanese laserdisc.


Reason: German censors decided to edit the film. As such, after digitizing the audio from the Japanese laserdisc (90 minutes), moving it to the main computer (5 min), ripping the German PAL DVD (20 min), converting it to NTSC – TWICE – (4 hours), then attempting to edit the audio to match (1 hour), I realized that the cuts of the film were different. I thought initially that it was a PAL -> NTSC issue. But nope. I noticed on a few scenes, things were trimmed and cut. Usually the violence. Aargh.

Drag to Recycle Bin. Empty Trash.