Adelphia and the Server

Dan Goldwasser Computers

After sitting at home for almost 2 hours waiting for the Adelphia repair guy to show up, he does. It takes about 20 minutes to fix the problem (which involved a signal degradation, as I had surmised), and then I’m back out the door, going to work. In other technically related news, the new server (which you’re reading this on) is super hella fast. Like, disturbingly fast, compared to our old one.

Old Server: Dual P2 350Mhz 256 MB ram
New Server: P4 3.2 Mhz w/ hyperthreading), 1GB of 3200 DDR matched RAM and 800MHz system bus

Kickass!! And it takes mere seconds for the blog to generate. Soooo cool! I still can’t believe we hosted like 40 websites on that old server… wow…. It’s 6 years old, too!