Laundry Room

Dan Goldwasser Video Projects

Scheller and Prescott came in today, and we started work on an untitled short-film, which we’re calling (for now) “Laundry Room”. It’s a suspense thriller, and most of the fear will be created through the visuals and the audio (in full 5.1). We borrowed the Glidecam V-16 from Edmunds, which had been sitting in a closet for 4 years untouched, and spent a few hours trying to figure it out. (There was no assembly manual!)

In the end, we worked it out, and duct-taped a 15-lb dumbell on the bottom to weigh it down. (The V-16 is rated for cameras that weigh 15-20lbs, and my camera weighs 2lbs!) The shoot went well – but it’s sooo hot this weekend, and poor Matt, who was working the Glidecam, had to deal with all of that weight as well. Eeks!

We’ll shoot some 2nd unit stuff over the next week or so, as I put together a rough assembly edit, and see what we’re missing. The big irony regarding the Glidecam is that in the end, as we were putting it away in my trunk to take back to the office, we realized we probably could have just used the gimbal mount portion and held it in our hand, and it would have worked better! Ah well – next time!