Blue Screen of Disappearing Files

Dan Goldwasser Audio Projects

I’m installing the latest round of CDs (song albums now), and iTunes crashes. Hard. How hard? Well, it made XP give a blue-screen of death. Not a good thing, especially during hard drive operations. Oh, and since my Music drive is actually a Macintosh formatted hard drive, it’s using MacDrive to mount it. So hmm – how will this affect it?

After rebooting, I got a drive error on the drive when I tried to copy a folder onto it. Luckily, everything would play. So, I cleared off some hard drive space on various drives, and copied over ALL my music to two different drives, over a four hour period. It was then that I noticed that inside the “Compilations” directory, I was missing everything after “F”. I dunno where it went; I didn’t delete anything – just copied things over. Well, shit. This isn’t good. So now I need to go back and re-rip most of the stuff I’ve done in the past week. And even then, I’ll STILL be missing stuff. But…. which stuff? I will have to go through the iTunes database on my computer to figure out which albums are missing – and hopefully I’ll be able to re-rip most of them. Gah.

UPDATE: I did the comparison, and found that I have to re-rip about 155 albums. Urgh.