Lord of the Rings Symphony at the Hollywood Bowl

Dan Goldwasser Showbiz

Went with Scheller to the Bowl tonight, to see the Lord of the Rings symphony. It was, in a word, impressive! I thought it was going to start at 8:30pm, so we got there around 7:25pm, after driving through the city, and picking up dinner on the way. Turns out I was wrong – the concert started at 8pm. Whoops!

The concert was broken up into six parts. Two for each film. The problem with that is that the FOTR portion took up about 40 minutes or so, and then TTT and ROTK followed the intermission with about 25 minutes each. Lots of great music was played, but there was a lot of good stuff missing from the last two films. Most of that was because Howard Shore was writing the rest of the symphony while finishing the score to ROTK. (He had done FOTR the year before.) I can’t complain too much though, since what was played was quite good.

Not too many fanatical wackos were there, but there was a small contingency of wizards, elves, and Hobbits that we saw on our way out. Egads….