The Incredibles

Dan Movie Reviews

It’s hard to think of a Pixar film that wasn’t good. They spend so much time on the story and emotional core within, that it’s nearly impossible to point out a film of theirs that wasn’t ultimately a great movie. The Incredibles is no different. While I found the first 30 minutes or so to be a bit sluggish, once it picked up steam, it didn’t stop until the end credits started to roll.

Bob (Craig T. Nelson) is an insurance claims agent. But he used to be Mr. Incredible, a superhero from the time when a whole slew of heros were saving the world on a daily basis. But an onslaught of lawsuits forced them into a “relocation” program where they were all given new identities. And so, the first act of the film is about how a family of superheroes deal with “normal” life. But there is a new threat, and Syndrome (Jason Lee) has an evil plan to destroy the world and emerge as a new hero. In the process, Bob’s family must come together with their superpowers, and save the day.

As expected, the level of character animation is taken up a notch for this latest Pixar film. The first one where the main characters are human, they have a stylized and exaggerated look that works quite nicely, and every nuance and emotion is clearly conveyed – even through subtle movement. The heart of the film is touching, but not overly smushy. The humor is definitely there, and Samuel L. Jackson gets a great scene, even though his character is quite small in the overall film.

The music, by Michael Giacchino, is great – it fits perfectly into the world, which was stylized as if we are living in the future envisioned in the 1960s. James Bond is a huge influence both in the film and score, and it’s a jazzy album that is both fun and sentimental while paying homage to the spy films of yesteryear.

Chances are you’re going to see this film anyways, but if you weren’t sure, for whatever reason, reconsider and go see it! It’s rated PG for violence, and yes, people do die in this film. And wouldn’t you know it – the toys will be out just in time for the holidays.