Dan Movie Reviews

Had a screening of Kinsey at Fox tonight. Directed and written by Bill Condon, the film focuses on the life’s work of Dr. Alfred Kinsey (Liam Neeson) and his study of human sexuality. Presented in an interesting and entertaining way, this film is easily one of the bigger contenders for the awards season coming up. The writing and direction is quite good, and I felt that Neeson and Peter Sarsgaard are definitely worth noting.

The subject matter is dealt with in a very frank way, and there is explicit sex and nudity in the film – prudes beware. But in the end, the story prevails, and it’s interesting to see how Kinsey’s work still affects society, 50 years later.

The music, by Carter Burwell, was always soft and supportive, and the main emotional arc of the film was exemplified through the relationship between Kinsey and his father (John Lithgow). I thought that aspect of the film was the most touching, and Burwell did a great job keeping it respectful and emotional.

If you like movies like A Beautiful Mind, then Kinsey is definitely right up your alley.