Rhode Island

Dan Boston

Drove down to Rhode Island to have lunch with Mike, who writes for SoundtrackNet. We walked around the Universite of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography (where he’s getting his Masters/Ph.D.), then got some lunch over at Crazy Burger. Thankfully, it was a satisfying – but not stuffing – meal, given what I’ll be doing later tonight.

During his class, I wandered around the area, and came across a historical cemetary. Pix are here here. Some tombstones were from 1796 and earlier – definitely cool stuff. After some coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts (the local coffee shop was closed, apparently!), I headed on back up to the Boston area, dealing with rush hour traffic in Providence. Bleh. But the cool thing was, I now finished the first two lessons in the Pimsleur Foreign Language Course for Hebrew. It’s basically a way to learn conversational Hebrew, and would be cool to learn!