What to do??

Dan Goldwasser Computers

Ok, so the motherboard isn’t working. So, I called Outpost.com and got an RMA. They’re sending out a replacement board overnight, on Monday – so I’ll get it tuesday. But I still need to get my work done. So I had to get my data off my Serial ATA drive. My old computer (which I’m using right now, with NO software installed), doesn’t have S-ATA. So I went to Circuit City, and bought a S-ATA PCI card. The drive showed up properly (yay) and I copied all of my files to a firewire drive. I’ll go into work tomorrow and get stuff done, since I can’t sit around until Tuesday!! Also, my parents said they’d get me a nice laptop for my birthday, so that will certainly help as a nice backup in the future. I’ll order it tonight!