Blade: Trinity

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

Saw Blade: Trinity with Michael tonight. The movie was a lot of fun. It’s got action, snappy lines, and a pretty good cast. It wasn’t as “good a film” as Blade 2, but David Goyer’s direction and writing allow for some clever moments. The plot in a nutshell: the vampires have awoken Drake (i.e. Dracula), the original vampire, to help them implement their “Vampire Final Solution”, and take out Blade (Wesley Snipes), since they’re having a hell of a time doing it. Meanwhile, Blade is now aided by Whistler’s daughter Abigail (Jessica Biel) and Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds).

The action is a blast, lots of vampires biting it (pun intended), and some kick-ass moves by Snipes (or at least his stunt double). I didn’t even realize the lead female vampire was Parker Posey until the end; she’s got some teeth on her! Without a doubt, Ryan Reynolds is the funniest in the film, with all the great lines… and there’s a bit involving a dog that will have you in stitches. (In a related note, it’s nice to see there was some continuity re: the Reapers from Blade 2.)

I can’t be impartial when it comes to the music. My friend Ramin did the score, and this is a big break for him. He did a few tracks with The RZA, but the cool stuff is all him! It’s got some kick-ass action cues, as well as some really great emotional dramatic stuff, especially at the end.

Speaking of the end, there were mutiple endings shot for the film, and the one they ended up with was alright, but results in a serious continuity error from the previous scene. Like, a blatently BAD error. Ah well. Still, if you’re looking for some fun butt-kicking action, Beil and Reynolds (and Snipes) do a good job – so go check it out!