Sideways at Vibrato Jazz Grill

Dan Showbiz

Went to the Sideways live music event at the Vibrato Jazz Grill tonight, with Ryan. Some of the cast was on hand, as well as director Alexander Payne, and composer Rolfe Kent played for an hour with some reallly talented musicians. The food was good, and the open bar was very good. And the music was a lot of fun, and it’s always cool to hear a good film score played live! Lots of schmoozing was done, of course, and I got to talk a little with Rolfe, who was recording the performance for a possible “live CD” release! Also chatted a little with “Lost” actor William Mapother (Tom Cruise’s cousin), but he (thankfully) didn’t reveal any twists about the show – except that there are a lot of twists!! Pix are here.