Chris Walden Big Band

Dan Showbiz

To celebrate the release of his new album, “Home of My Heart”, Chris Walden and his Chris Walden Big Band was performing at – yes, you guessed it – Vibrato Jazz Grill tonight. Costa Communications was holding court, and invited me, so I convinced Adam to come along, thinking it would be a nice fun time. After an hour or so in horrible traffic, we got there at 8pm, not having eaten dinner, only to find out that it wouldn’t start until 8:30. So we went to Fabrocini’s, an Italian restaurant next door. It was a delicious meal, but we took our time and so it was a little after 9pm when we went back to Vibrato. We heard a few songs (including his very cool take on the Star Wars theme), and then left during their break – had to go watch “Scrubs”!