JetBlue Rainstorm

Dan Boston

So after I finished watching The Grudge, I started watching the special features…. but around 3:30am, I just had to get some rest. So, I slept for about an hour. It’s been pouring rain like crazy, and the drive down to Long Beach wasn’t too bad – just slow but steady. JetBlue checkin was a snap – and since today is their 5th anniversary, they’re giving away prizes (No, I didn’t win!) and had free Krispy-Kreme doughnuts and drinks at the gate. Yay! I forgot my sandwich I made, so at least this gave me something to eat this morning!

The flight was cool – I’ve never been on JetBlue before, so this was interesting. The leather seats are nice, the DirecTV is cool (get to watch the news as I fly), and for the first time ever, I had a laptop with me! So I watched the commentary on The Chronicles of Riddick, and played some computer games. And managed to even get a little sleep.

Now I’m here at the house, and there’s snow outside, and it’s cold. Brr! My sisters are here, as well as Nili – she’s such a cutie! Dina has been taking pictures, and you can check them out here!