Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

Went to see Robots this morning. Feeling inspired, I walked to the screening and back (over 4 miles roundtrip)! I have to say, the set up at the theater was quite disappointing – they had roped off MOST of the place for “special folks” since it seemed that the filmmakers and their families would be in attendance. That meant that the press was shoved to the front of the room. So I watched this film from the 4th row. Urgh.

All in all, the film was fun. While it doesn’t have the emotional heart of, oh, any Pixar movie, it looked VERY nice on the screen, and the pacing was fast and enjoyable. The voice acting was quite good too, since any excuse to hear Robin Williams have fun is a good excuse. But it’s saying something when the best part of the screening was the teaser for Ice Age 2 at the front. Scrat rocks!