The Ring Two

Dan Movie Reviews

The Ring, first a book, then a Japanese film (followed by a few sequels and even a TV show), had a very straightforward premise: you watch a videotape, and seven days later you die. Director Gore Verbinsky did quite a good job with the American remake in 2002, and added a bit of backstory to the urban legend. The first film was about Rachel (Naomi Watts), a reporter who is investigating a the death of her niece – who saw the videotape. Turns out the tape contains the wrath of a girl, Samara, who was thrown into a well by her mother, and now exacts her revenge through making people watch the tape – but the only way to survive it is to make a copy, and have someone watch it. Thus, the cycle continues.

This sequel takes place six months after the first film, and now Rachel and her creepy son Aidan (who has a weird connection with Samara in the first film) are now trying to live a normal life. Unfortunately, someone watches the tape, and all hell breaks loose again. Or at least, that is what I was kinda hoping would happen. Instead, the film focuses more on the strange connection between Samara and Aidan.

Directed by Hideo Nakata, who directed the original Japanese films, The Ring Two is a creepy film, but left much to be desired. There were some really good scares, but they were far and few between. Some roles by Sissey Spacek, Elizabeth Perkins and Gary Cole are notable, but very brief. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger had a bigger role in Around the World in 80 Days! In the process of Rachel’s investigation, we learn more about Samara and her mom (Spacek), but it feels kinda tacked on, and doesn’t necessarily mesh as well with the original mythology established in the film.

Musically the score is the same as the first film. Almost literally. Much of what Hans Zimmer wrote for the first film has been rehashed in this score by Henning Lohner and Martin Tillman. Only a few cues seemed really unique, but it all worked overall.

The best moments in the film are the deers, and the well “chase” at the end. Other than that, it’s just a creepy movie with a few jumps. Nothing really scary, so I’d say, wait for DVD.