Lunch with Tony

Dan Showbiz

That is, Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Here’s how that happened: Today I went to a scoring session for the new Roger Donaldson film, The World’s Fastest Indian. It’s about a New Zealander who spent years rebuilding a 1920 Indian motorcycle, and ended up setting the land-speed record in the 1970s. It stars Hopkins in the main role. The music was by J. Peter Robinson, and I went to do a news item for SoundtrackNet (it will be up tomorrow with pix).

Hopkins shows up, since he’s apparently a huge fan of music, and a budding composer himself. So we started talking, and he’s quite a friendly guy. When lunch came around, I ended up snagging a bite with the “core team”: Robinson and his wife, Donaldson, Hopkins, Paul Buckmaster (composer), Ray Costa (publicist), and Jon Kull (orchestrator). It was a nice meal, with lots of varying conversations.

I might go to something tomorrow or next week that Hopkins is involved in and he invited me to pop on by; if I do, I’ll write about it then. So… stay tuned!

Update: Pix are now up in the gallery.