Dan Computers

So my Verizon phone bill has averaged about $30-40 per month, depending on how many times I call a place more than 10 miles from me. Since LA is so damn big, I end up getting a lot of little “local long distance” fees. Then there’s my AT&T long distance bill, which is like $15/month.

Justus told me I should get Vonage, since that’s what he is now using. And it sounded intriguing…. I mean, voice over IP, and it’s relatively cheap: I can call UNLIMITED in the US and Canada for $25/month. Hell, my cellphone is limited to 500 minutes, and I (apparently) blew through that (and then some!) last month, resulting in a cellphone bill that was three digits. Not counting decimals.

So, since another friend of mine also has (and swears by) Vonage, I decided to go ahead and order it. It will take a week or so to get my stuff, and then I need to get my old home phone switched over, but still – it sounds like this will actually save me money in the end.

The only potential drawback is that my desk is cluttered enough, and now I have to have the Vonage box and phone on my desk, too…. I think. Maybe I can get a nice long ethernet cord…….