The Downside to Online Mail Order

Dan Goldwasser Computers

Ok, so it’s a really simple thing. There’s a particular sound card that I need to get that will allow me to transfer the AC-3 tracks from my laserdiscs to DVD. It works because it will allow you to capture the raw SPDIF digital signal (after being transcoded through the AC-3 RF Demodulator) into a sound file. From that, a small utility will decode the “sound” file, and spit out a nice digital AC3 file. Simple.

So I ordered this card with a company I found online. The card is dirt cheap, a mere $30.

The box arrived today. And it was a different card inside. And a different card listed on the invoice they included, along with a sticky note saying “Out of stock. Free upgrade”. Great. So they just upgraded me to the next model up, which doesn’t even have a SPDIF input.

I wish people would ask before changing your order, and shipping it out. Because now I have to go to the post office and send this damn thing back. But first I need to talk to them (in the morning) because this is just unacceptable.