Lost American Dad

Dan Goldwasser Showbiz

Today was a scoring session day. Went to O’Henry to attend the “Lost” scoring session (composed by Michael Giacchino). Man, this show is just awesome… and while I kinda ruined the new episode for me (it doesn’t even air for 2 more weeks), it was still really cool to hear. My news item is up on SoundtrackNet, so check it out.< After a bunch of us went to lunch, I popped back down over the hill to Fox, for an “American Dad” scoring session with Ron Jones. The show had some pretty funny moments, so we’ll see if it has the growth that “Family Guy” had. Speaking of which, I’ll be going to the “Family Guy” session tomorrow afternoon, so that I can get my final round of info for the article done. Looks like there’s a lotta stuff gonna hit SoundtrackNet soon…. I have an interview I did over the weekend with Amityvill Horror composer Steve Jablonsky which will (hopefully!) go up this week. Tomorrow I’m interviewing British composer Joby Talbot to talk about Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and then I have the “Family Guy” / “American Dad” article to finish up as well. Then comes the ASCAP Awards next week, and more scoring sessions to cover! Wheeeeee!