Cross New England Jaunt

Dan Boston

Woke up this morning to the unfortunate smell of dirty kitty litter, and a slight sore throat. Eew. (It’s not Sean’s cat – don’t worry!) I woke up early; 7:30am. Was out the door by 8:15am, and got to the Naval Base at Groton, CT, around 9:00 or so. From there we went to a small place called Norm’s Diner, and got a bit of breakfast. Then we checked out a bit of the Submarine Base, and then it was time to head off to Narragansett, RI, for lunch. (Oy!) The drive wasn’t very interesting, and only a mere 45 min later, I made it over to Mike’s. We hung out for a lil bit, before going to try Iggy’s Doughboys. Of course, all I got was a bit of chowder, and a doughboy because, well, what the hell are they? Turns out they are basically fried dough. Hmm. More of a dessert/snack item – and certainly NOT healthy. Gah. Afterwards, we hung for a bit longer, and then I had to head on back up to Boston for the Seder.

The weather is making me achy. Urgh.