Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Dan Movie Reviews

So Mr. & Mrs. Smith looked like the type of movie that could be a lot of fun. Kinda like War of the Roses meets True Lies. And for the first two thirds, it was a blast. The basic premise: Mr. Smith (Brad Pitt) and Mrs. Smith (Angelina Jolie) have been married for five or six years, and are now finding their lives to be dull, and are seeking counselling (done very much in the style like When Harry Met Sally). Turns out that they both have the same secret that they’ve kept from one another: they’re professional hitmen. When they both get the same job, and almost take each other out, their real identities become known to each other. And due to a series of miscommunications, each is now convinced that the other is trying to kill them. Of course, love triumphs, and they clear up the misunderstanding – and now want to find out who set them up to kill each other. That’s where the movie falls apart.

Instead of pursuing the mysterious man (Keith David) who hired them both for the hit, they instead get caught up in an ambush, and end up killing the whole swarm of bad guy henchmen (in one of those “if we die, just know I love you” blazes-of-glory types of situations).

And then the movie ends.

So, lemme get this straight – they kill all of the armed guys trying to kill them, and then the movie ends – but the guy who tried to have them killed in the first place is still hanging out? And probably has more hitmen to try to kill them. It’s unresolved, and completely in-your-face. It makes for a horrible and seriously unsatisfying ending.

Should you see it? Not in the theaters, no. It has a lot of fun moments between Pitt and Jolie, and some good action sequences, but it’s not worth spending your hard-earned money on. Especially when you’re denied the pleasure of an ending. It will probably make for a decent rental, and perhaps on the DVD they’ll have the ending that wasn’t even there.