War of the…. Whoops

Dan Showbiz

Tonight is the big press screening that all of Hollywood is anxious to see: War of the Worlds, the new Steven Spielberg flick. I figured, since it was at the Mann Chinese Six theaters at Hollywood and Highland, I would try to get there early with Matt. We got there at like 4:30, with plenty of time before the 7pm screening. But there was already a huge line of people – turns out that it was the film’s premiere too. Eeeks. After being shuffled around to the right spot, we waited a bit for someone to come to the desk where a sign said “Press Check-in”. I noticed a sign that said “no electronics” – including cellphones. Urgh. So I sent Matt all the way back to the car to put our stuff away. Meanwhile, the crowd started cheering – someone was arriving somewhere further down the red carpet. And still, no one at the “Press Check-In” table. Odd. So I figured, on a whim, that I would go back up to the theater and see if someone knew anything. Turns out that there was another press table there, which was the right one. D’oh. Apparently there were three press tables: one for the red carpet, one for the premiere, and one for the press screening. Talk about some miscommunication!!

In the end, we go into the theater, and hunkered down for the hour or so before the movie started.