Microsoft Reboot

Dan Goldwasser Computers

So last night, my computer installed the latest XP updates, and asked to be rebooted. I clicked “Later”, and did some more work. It popped up again, and I clicked “Later”. It popped up again 5 minutes later, so I decided to leave the dialogue box open in the corner. I then went to bed.

I guess my computer got tired of waiting for me to click it, because around 3 hours later, at 3:15am, my computer rebooted. But not a “spontaneous reboot”. No, this was the standard reboot which means XP played the “shutting down” sound file, which promptly woke me up. At 3:15am. And then, when it came back online, and loaded XP, it played the “starting up” sound. Which promptly got me out of bed to turn off the speakers. What an annoying way to interrupt my sleep!