Wedding Crashers

Dan Movie Reviews

Went to see Wedding Crashers tonight. It was the first time I’d been to a movie theater with a “normal” audience. And while it wasn’t as bad as I thought the experience would be, I still wanted to smack a few folks when it was all over. (Note to parents: please do NOT brind your whiny 6-year old kid to a Rated R movie, okay? Sheesh.)

The movie itself was really well done. Funny from the get-go, the film was front-loaded with a lot of jokes, and then it calmed down for some story. Basic premise is thus: Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn play best-friends who make a habit of crashing weddings and picking up chicks. They usually have a back-story, and it usually works. When the “wedding of the year” comes up (the daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury is getting married), they don’t miss a beat. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they make such an impression on their intended “targets” (the other daughters of the Secretary) that they’re invited to the country house for the weekend. Let hilarity ensue.

Some of the jokes are crass, as it’s expected to be, but on the whole, the story was pretty well told, and had enough “heart” to it that you feel emotion for the characters towards the end. This is a very adult comedy though – it’s not for kids. It’s not a “big screen event” film, but in the end, it was money well spent.