Dan Goldwasser Computers

One of the nice things about the iPod is that it can also be used as a portable hard drive. So after seeing The Dukes of Hazzard, I went back to Tavis’s place to get a file he had for me that was too big to email. And it was on his roommate’s computer. So I plugged my iPod into the USB 2.0 plug on the front, and got an error message about the USB not recognizing the device. Hmm. Also, the iPod screen was blank, and even after unplugging, wouldn’t reboot.

Context: Last week Tavis and I went to the Apple store to replace his iPod, which mysteriously stopped working. Apparently it had a fried board.

So I asked Tavis if his iPod happened to stop working after he plugged it into his roommate’s computer. Answer: “Yes. Oh crap.”

And so, my iPod is fried. Lovely. Thankfully I have AppleCare, and will go over to the Apple Store tomorrow to get it taken care of. I can easily survive without my iPod (luckily I just finished listening to the audio book for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), but this is a major pain in the ass. Note to Albert: your computer is EVIL.

In a slightly ironic note, I had been meaning to flash my iPod anyways to the March revision of the firmware. I don’t like the June release (meant to handle Podcasts) because it stupidly DISABLED the ability for the Smart Playlists to auto-refresh without plugging into iTunes. So… a blessing in disguise??