Dan Computers

This morning my computer crashed. So I rebooted. And it crashed again on startup. After a bit of tweaking, I managed to find a stable “restore point”, and now all is well. But considering my iPod issue last night, it seems like technology is out to get me.

Speaking of the iPod. This morning I went to the Apple Store in Santa Monica, and ended up waiting for about an hour at the Genius Bar, until someone was ready to help me. And all they said they could do (since no replacement iPods were in stock) was that they could give me a URL to the Apple support website and I can just ship it back myself. It’s about a 10-business day turnaround, which means I won’t be able to do much musically for the next two weeks or so. Bleh. And I had just gotten used to recording interviews on my iPod with my iTalk adapter. Grr.